The importance of fuel

Fuel is an essential commodity used to power all aspects of equipment in use within every growing national economy, and for all power generation employed within the supporting infrastructure. 

The efficient supply and distribution of fuel is critical to the effective management of the civil sector and the national defence & security of the country. The importance of fuel as a strategic asset, which has to be managed properly and cannot therefore be over- emphasized.

Modern engines and power generating machinery are required to operate within much higher tolerances than hitherto. Their increasing sophistication requires ever more stringent specifications of fuel.

It is therefore imperative to ensure that at every point in the supply chain, where fuel is produced, distributed, stored, supplied and utilised it is of the highest quality, kept free from contamination, and maintained throughout its life. Safety and maintenance in all sectors can be enhanced, ensuring significant cost savings over the working life of equipment. 

Meeting the challenge

A UK-based partnership, LCM Environmental Ltd and IFC (UK) Ltd can provide the “whole-life” management of downstream fuel throughout the national economy, particularly within Defence and Civil Industrial Sectors. 

Supporting in-country policy makers, distributors and users at every stage of the downstream market, LCM-IFC will bring knowledge, understanding and strategic experience. 

This may be realised through advice, training, mentoring, auditing or project management to optimise the benefits of equipment development, maintenance and engineering to generate greater effectiveness, efficiency and cost savings throughout the economy.
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