Our objectives

LCM-IFC are working together as a partnership to develop bespoke training & awareness courses and management processes in the “whole-life” strategic management of fuel across the entire spectrum of downstream supply chains within the Oil & Gas, Government, Defence & Security and Civil Industrial Sectors.

Such training will enhance the understanding of why the fuel supply chain and fuel systems have to be managed and maintained to much more stringent standards, and will teach best practice and procedures in an operational environment. This will lead to greater effectiveness, efficiency and cost savings throughout an organisation, government department or national economy.

In delivering such a capability, LCM-IFC and their Associates, working with selected Partners, would help develop fuel quality management and systems maintenance plans, which would entail:
  • Organising, recruiting, training and developing specialist fuel quality audit teams, thus providing:
  • Skills training, employment, career structure and social development for regional and local populations. 
  • Capability delivery would cover risk assessment, fuel hygiene management procedures, testing & monitoring, identification, and treatment and remediation procedures (to include tank cleaning).
  • Once established in-country, the capability could be delivered country-wide and across all industrial sectors. There would also be export potential throughout the wider Region. 
The course is aimed at senior managers responsible for fuel supply chains in defence, aviation, government and major companies across all industrial sectors.

As a one day course there will be the opportunity to practically test fuel, participate in workshops and to share experiences with other senior managers.
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